Helpful tips for moving bulky items

When we have to make a move, especially to move heavy objects, all kinds of problems can appear when loading and unloading a truck. We know that it is a headache and that is why we want to offer you several useful tips to move bulky items.



Not only are you at risk of breaking, snapping, or hitting things, but you can also be injured trying to carry the heavy load. The need to move these types of elements requires that it will be done in a profitable and safe way to avoid problems at all costs.



Having to move sofas, cabinets, refrigerators or washing machines is not an easy task, but fortunately, there are special tools that can move items in an easier way.


That is why it is important that you remember that these types of moves are quite dangerous, so experience and specialized machinery are required to carry them out.



1.   Request help from a company to make the move

When it comes time to book a moving service, it is best to look for professionals with experience moving bulky or heavy items, as they will know the best way to raise and lower the load.



That is why we see loaders using belts or lifting straps to reduce the risk of back injury and thus provide better control of large objects.


In addition, there are forklifts, lift truck, and jacks that can slide furniture of any size.



2.   Disassembling everything you can

Think that it is always convenient to disassemble bulky items for a matter of space and security. The more things you disassemble, the better it will be for you.


For example, sometimes it is worth removing the foot from a sofa or dining table to make it easier to get through the door at the time it is going to load the move.


This type of initiative will free you from one less task to do just the day you have to leave the place.



3.   Use furniture wrap

Another type of packaging material for bulky items that is also important to have on hand is furniture wrap. Every moving company should provide the correct and quality materials to carry out their respective transfer.


Using cloths to cover mattresses and sofas is an advantage in times of rain.


In the same way, the original boxes of the items work. For this reason, we always recommend keeping this type of packaging to have adequate protection in case you have to move or sell the equipment.



4.   Plan your route in advance


Knowing and planning your route in advance is among the main plans of a move. In other words, before starting to move objects, it would be ideal to know where the bulky items will be routed.



An alternative would be to start by checking with a tape measure if it can pass through doors, stairs and corridors, as it would save you time, in the same way, anguish.



Both the old house and the new home, you must have everything premeditated. Without forgetting the entry and/or exit permits because in some cases you can be fined if you do not notify condominiums.



5.   Close all box compartments


There are different ways to pack your belongings, especially bulky items that deserve to be more resistant and strong to support the weight before, during and after the move, since there is a possibility that they can be opened while loading or unloading.


Adhesive tape is one of the most resistant materials that allows to close boxes, wrap in any way and adjust until the products are as strong as possible in their assembly.



6.   Find local moving companies


If you are interested in making a move, do not hesitate to contact ONLINE MOVERS & STORAGE. We are a company specialized in this type of transport that takes care of the belongings of our clients in a personalized way without having to pay extra fees for it.



We have a highly specialized team for short and/or long trips with a range of helpful moving services available to book.



Any questions you can contact our phones: +1 (305) 539-0553 or write directly to the corporate email:



Now that you are advised with our exclusive tips, you will be better able to move your bulky items, whether at home or work.

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